Indian Eco-businesses


  1. Org Farm: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Org Farm brings you the season’s best mix of organic produce conveniently to your doorstep directly from the farms.

2. Agrify Organic Solutions: Website| Facebook | Instagram

Agrify supplies 100% farm fresh certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables.

3. Goli Soda Store: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Goli Soda store features stylish, up-cycled, organic, environmentally-friendly and locally sourced products.

Ethical Fashion

  1. Adah By Leesha: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Adah is an ethical, eco-friendly clothing brand with a unique style statement that strongly believes in using every inch of the fabric.

Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care

  1. The Foam Farm: Facebook | Instagram

Foam Farms brings you hand-crafted, natural, organic and vegan-friendly products.


Eco Corner Retail Private Limited: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Eco Corner Yoga Products

Eco Corner Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of eco-friendly lifestyle, home décor, souvenirs, yoga & stationery products. Eco Corner also sells eco-friendly, natural and bio-degradable Yoga products.

Home Decor

The Pitara Project: Facebook | Instagram | +91 91677 74754

Pitara project creates home decor products of sustainable mango wood by employing artisans of various Indian villages.


Justlife: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Justlife has unique recipes of just fruits and vegetable Juice delivered to your homes. The juices are 100% natural blends of fruits and vegetable juices with no preservatives, sugar, concentrates or artificial ingredients.

Toys and Games

KEC Green Games: Facebook | Instagram

KEC Green Games strives to revive traditional crafts, games and toys that have been handed to us by previous generations. These products are created by an informal sector of rural artisans.

Healthcare and Personal Hygiene

Pee Safe : Website | Facebook | Instagram

Pee Safe sells personal hygiene and healthcare products. Some of these are eco-friendly, bio-degradable, chemical-free, natural and herbal.